Our workflow-driven platform empowers the world’s leading healthcare organizations to rapidly configure and deliver their innovative digital care solutions.

Deliver Smarter Care Experiences

Highlighted Pathway Partners

Design custom healthcare journeys

Get viiMed and create pathways, custom digital health solutions that help you monetize your hard-earned IP and improve your patient’s lives in equal measure.

Distribute your expertise efficiently

Reach your patients with information that matters. On the devices they use, and when they use them.

Engage your patients collaboratively

Improve usage and interaction by putting provider and patient on the same page, screen, and pathway.

Highlighted viiMed Pathway Creators

Hospital for Special Surgery, ranked No. 1 in orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report, uses the Platform to deliver innovative musculoskeletal care programs for its patients and network in the marketplace.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions uses the Platform to connect the marketplace to their innovative, research-based products derived from the work of their medical, public health and nursing faculty, clinicians, staff and students.