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Follow leading healthcare organizations in creating and commercializing your digital health solutions on the ViiMed Platform. Market your proven programs and practices for disease management, bundled procedure coordination, automated patient education, telehealth, etc.

Through joint commercialization efforts, we bring these innovative digital health solutions to other hospitals, surgery centers, provider practices, employers and payors. Perfect for organizations looking for meaningful and personalized ways to engage their patients, while empowering their care teams with tools to manage, monitor, and engage the right patients at the right time.

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Platform Tools and Capabilities

Population Engagement Console

Prioritize, oversee, and engage the right patients at the right time across all your digital health solutions. Scale the number of patients care teams can manage. Streamline EMR workflow and updates, while using one interactive interface to engage patients remotely.

Interactive Video Collaboration and Analysis

Deliver care during the “gaps-in-care” and avoid surgery/procedure complications, track progress and outcomes more effectively, save time and reduce uneventful follow-up visits, and boost the interactive experience of reimbursable programs like CCM.

Remote Monitoring

Interface connected devices with your digital health solutions and prompt protocol-driven data to the Population Engagement Console to help care teams prevent issues (e.g., complications and readmissions) before they happen.

Easy-to-Use on Any Device

Basic task-driven mobile and web interfaces ensure patients get in and get out without interrupting their daily lives. Clean relevant dashboards accessed from any device enable providers to assess and engage quickly and easily, with precision.

Comparable Data and Reports

Data gathered from your digital health solutions will provide near real-time data that is actionable in the gaps-in-care. Your digital health solutions can feed meaningful data back to your data warehouses and EMR to improve your population health analytics initiatives.

Third-Party System Integration

Interoperability between your digital health solutions and your EMR(s) are possible through the ViiMed Platform. Its customizable tools are connected to industry-adopted Redox. Additionally, ViiMed is certified by several EMRs to provide your solutions to their client communities.

Commercial Digital Health Solutions

Leading healthcare organizations choose ViiMed to commercialize and distribute their digital health solutions on the ViiMed Platform.

Organizations Commercializing Their Digital Health Solutions on the ViiMed Platform

Hospital for Special Surgery

"The ViiMed Platform has enabled our surgeon practices to use personalized patient engagement to improve patient experience, prevent issues, and collect patient-reported outcomes."

David King, Director, HSS Innovation

COPD Foundation

"The ViiMed Platform tools for personalizing the experience for the patient makes a huge difference for care teams."

Deb McGowan, Senior Director, Population Health and Outcomes