Rick Holbrook

Chief Executive Officer

Rick heads up the strategy, development, and operations sides of the house at ViiMed. Prior to joining ViiMed, Rick spent nearly 30 years with Skylight Healthcare Systems and Cerner.

Phil Newman

Founder and President

As the mastermind and founder behind privately-held ViiMed, Phil is passionate about bringing people together and creating a great experience. He took ViiMed’s technology from an athlete-centered training tool to a patient-centered healthcare platform, keeping one principle in mind: teamwork.

Charlie Hanley

Executive Vice President
Business Development
Chief Growth Officer

Charlie is ViiMed’s chief evangelist, connecting the right people with ViiMed to drive adoption and growth. He has led teams in both commercial and federal markets for companies like Northrop Grumman and Project Performance Corporation.

Shelley Newman

Executive Vice President
Client Success

As former CEO of four successful healthcare and technology companies including Misys (Allscripts), Siemens Healthcare (Shared Medical Systems), Care Wide (Amicore) and Rabbit Software, Shelley keeps our customers happy and helps them get the most from ViiMed’s technology.

We love people who have heart and compassion.

People who are big thinkers and doers.

People who are passionate about patient care.

People who wake up every day to make life better for patients and the people who care for them, and have fun doing it.

Sound like you?