Engaging Physician Practices at Greenway ENGAGE16

Physician practices today have their hands full. On top of their most important responsibility – patient care – practices must navigate new value-based care models like MACRA, understand Meaningful Use requirements, and work more closely with other providers across the care spectrum. The amount of paperwork associated with these tasks alone can make your head spin! In fact, a whopping one-sixth of physicians’ time is consumed by paperwork.

These are just a few of the challenges we heard from practices last week at Greenway ENGAGE16, an annual user conference hosted by Greenway Health. As a certified Marketplace Vendor, our technology integrates with Greenway’s electronic medical records for easy two-way communication between the platforms and fewer administrative steps for a busy office staff.

We want to help take the load off clinicians and their staffers. One way to do this is by automating some of the routine tasks that fill up their days – from holding weekly education classes to responding to emails. Say an office spends four hours a week preparing patients for surgeries, hosting in-person prep classes. Now imagine if they could record personalized videos to deliver that same information in one sitting. Not only does the office save critical time each week, but patients can save time by watching the videos at home, in the office, on their own time, improving overall satisfaction.

Attendees were also excited to learn how a care coordination platform could help reduce surgery cancellations. For practices, a cancelled surgery could cost thousands of dollars – money they’ll never see again. But by walking patients through a guided series of educational videos, checklists, and instructions, you can make sure surgeries go off without a hitch and recoup both time and money, providing a “virtual safety net.”

We were honored to speak with so many cutting-edge practices at Greenway ENGAGE16 and to learn about their work. Technology is already playing a huge role for those who want to become more productive, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce cancellations, and we’re happy to help guide our customers along that journey.

Couldn’t make it to the show? You can still check out our technology in the video demo below. Even better? Contact us today to speak with an expert about how your practice can succeed with a care coordination platform.

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