ViiMed Joins The Beryl Institute to Help Improve the Patient Experience

ViiMedJoins The Beryl Institute to Help Improve the Patient Experience


Membership shows ViiMed’s ongoing commitment to patient-centered care


WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2016 —ViiMed®, a leading telehealth software provider, today announced itjoined The Beryl Institute, the largest global community of healthcare leaders dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. As an organizational member, ViiMedcan better serve patients and the people who care for them, regardless of where they are in their medical journey.


“Patient-centered care is at the heart of everything we do,” said Phil Newman, CEO of ViiMed. “Using our platform, patients can stay connected to their doctors and care teams, while engaging more in their own care. We want to deliver the best patient experience possible and believe working with The Beryl Institute can help us do that.”


The Institute serves as a resource for shared information and proven practices, a dynamic incubator of leading research and new ideas, and an interactive connector of leaders and practitioners.


“We are honored ViiMedhas joined The Beryl Institute community as an organizational member,” said Jason Wolf, president of The Beryl Institute. “This action represents its clear, public and committed stand on the importance and impact of a positive patient experience. ViiMedhas reinforced a central point in healthcare today, which is that people across healthcare impact the patient experience and should have access to information and colleagues that will support them in their efforts.”


About ViiMed

ViiMed provides healthcare software solutions to help improve care coordination between patients, caregivers and providers by extending automated, personalized care plans for patients to self-manage their treatments and recovery, and for providers to proactively engage and remotely monitor patients via telehealth applications. Our customizable, scalable and secure SaaS platform seamlessly integrates with electronic medical records and other health IT applications, and is trusted by industry leaders in areas such as orthopaedic surgery, diabetes, COPD, heart failure, and employee wellness. Healthcare organizations rely on ViiMed to help standardize care, monitor patient care quality and safety, improve patient and family satisfaction, track outcomes, and increase operational efficiency and financial performance. To learn more, visit


About The Beryl Institute

The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. We define patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.


For more information about membership withThe Beryl Institute, visit